How To Change SSL Certificate Provider

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The SSL protocol ensures confidential communication between the client and the server. Encryption of data occurs using a public key. There are two such keys, and each of them can be used both for encrypting the message and for decrypting it. Thus, if one key is used for encryption, then another key will be used when decrypting. In this situation, you can receive secure messages by publishing a public key and secretly storing the secret key. For that, you will have to opt for the right SSL certificate service provider now.

SSL works by means of two "sub-protocols" - SSL record and handshake protocol. The SSL record protocol defines the format used for data transmission. The SSL protocol includes a handshake using the SSL record protocol. Thus, the first connection is the exchange of a series of messages between the server and the client.

How to Install SSL Certificate

By opening the page of the site on which the SSL certificate is installed, the browser requests identification information from the web server. Next, the server sends a copy of its SSL certificate to the browser. The browser authenticates the SSL certificate and informs the server about it. In response, the server sends a virtually signed agreement permitting encrypted data transmission. From now on, data transmission becomes secure for interception by third parties.

Most CAs (issuers of certificates) nowadays advises not only to protect the pages on which confidential information is left but also to secure the entire website with SSL. This is now being used by large organizations such as Google, Twitter and Facebook. Not only is this safer, it also increases the position of your website in the Google search results. In this article we describe what you should pay attention to, to prevent it from having negative consequences.

Request and install an SSL certificate

To begin with, you need an SSL certificate to set up the SSL connection. You can request this online.

Request a certificate

The certificate you receive from us must be installed on the web server together with the parent root and intermediate certificates.

Installation instructions

For maximum security, it is important to optimize the SSL settings on your web server.

SSL settings

Depending on the type of SSL certificate, it can work only for one domain name (host) or for a domain and its subdomains (,, etc.). Also, certificates differ in information that they can confirm - some certificates confirm only the authenticity of the domain, while others can confirm both the authenticity of the domain name and the existence of the company in principle. With the proper SSL certificate provider support the options get better.


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