HP Printer Not Working

How to solve when HP Printer Not Printing Properly

HP is a brand which designs so many hardware and software products.These products provide prominent features that are why all these are used by many users.Hp products are such as the laptop, printer, computer, mac book, notebook and much more.Out of all these products, HP printer is the leading products. Epson Scanner

When a user uses HP printer then there can be many technical issues.Because of these issues, it does not work.If Hp printer not working, Hp printer not printing then you need to fix this issue.Here are some steps and solution are given below to fix this issue.

Problem 1:

What to do when Printer is not showing on a device?

  • To fix this issue, you need to check the HP printer is properly connected to USB or ethernet cable or not.
  • If it is not connected then you need to plug out the cord and connect it properly.
  • Then you need to check it is showing on your device.

Problem 2:

How to fix when the Internet connection is not working?

  • If you are using the wireless printer then you need to check Wi-Fi is working or not.
  • If it is not working then contact to ISP or check the router.
  • If you are using cellular phone network then you will have to check airplane mode is off then connect the Internet.
  • If still persist any issue then contact to HP support team.

Problem 3:

Check that HP printer is installed or not?

  • Go to the control panel of your device then click on the drivers.
  • Here you need to check the HP Printer is installed or not.
  • If you are facing any issue while installing then reinstall it or again install HP printer driver on your device.

Problem 4:

You will have to check the which version you are using, if it is not latest version then you will have to update it.

If still, you are facing any issue then you need to take assistance through hp printer customer service.Hp technician is well qualified, they will not leave until you will not satisfied with their answer.You will get efficacious help from them.Hp Printer Drivers

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