Outlook Not Receiving Emails

Outlook is an emailing service as well as an email client application. If a user finds that he is not receiving or not able to send emails then he can follow few troubleshooting by himself. This article is to discuss this issue and to find the solution for that.

If a user has this issue of outlook not receiving emails then he should follow the following steps to check out the problem.

First, check your internet connection. It should be continuous.

If the connection is there then check for the TCP/IP connection. It should be the default protocol for your connection.

From the Start button, go to Control Panel and then go to Networks Connections.

Right click on your internet connection and then click on Properties.

In the General tab, check for the connection protocol.

If it is not TCP/ IP, then select it as the default protocol.

Apply the settings and close all the windows and try to send and receive emails again.

If the problem is not solved then delete the Outlook account and create a new profile.

Outlook Not Sending Emails

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