Installing The HP Printer

HP printers are a series of printers from the america based company HP. HP printers are very famous for their reliable features and advanced technology. HP mainly manufactures inkjet and laser-jet printers. These printers have various features like:-

  • excellent printing quality which is very important feature of a printer
  • presents printer of both kind wired as well as wireless printers
  • printers with superb performance and the latest technology

Now for using this printer we need to first purchase it then we need to install the drivers to run this printer in our system. So to install HP printer we need to follow certain steps as written below:-

STEP 1:-we can either download the software from the net or we can consider a disc for installation purpose.

STEP 2:-now considering the installation from the disc, first of all we need to turn on the printer.

STEP 3:- then we need to check whether the printer is connected to the system by any USB cable, if so then we have to disconnect it first.

STEP 4:- then we have to reach customer support of hp for downloading drivers and software.

STEP 5:- then we will see a message regarding the model of the printer, we can identify our model.

STEP 6:- then click download after doing so we can also download the other driver software's.

STEP 7:- then go on clicking next, and then finish.

By following these steps the hp printer would be installed on your system.

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