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Netgear is one of the world’s best manufacturing companies, that offers various networking products & services. Netgear router has widely used by billions of numbers of users, due to its top-notch features. It provides the fastest internet connection service for gaming and web browsing, smooth functioning, and error-free network connection.

Netgear has always served the category of the outstanding routers an through availing this the network issues would automatically get solve.All the tasks that users need to perform through accessing the internet would automatically get solved by using the Netgear routers.Here users could see the favorite movies and serials without slowing down the network speed.However when there would be the certain sudden technical issue that might restrict the users from performing the task, then they should do the instant connection through the Netgear router technical support team that would be reached through dialing the help number.

However, sometimes users have an issue with installing the wireless Netgear router.

How to install wireless Netgear router?

  • Here we provide the installation process for wireless Netgear router N150.
  • First, you will require purchasing a wireless router.
  • Then, Turn OFF the power of your Modem.
  • Next, connect one end of the blue “Ethernet cable” to your Modem, and the other end to the “Internet port” on your router.
  • Now you have to plug in, then Turn ON of your Modem.
  • Wait for some time, until the Modem Turn ON.
  • Then you must connect the Power Adapter to the router, and then plug it again into an outlet.
  • Next, connect the router to your PC and open a browser and log in the Netgear router page to the check user guide.

How to set a password on a Netgear router?

  • Open a browser and then enter “” in the address bar and log in the page.
  • Make sure the default Netgear router username is “admin” and password is “password”. So type these login credentials in the appropriate field.
  • Hit “OK” button.
  • On the home page, choose “Wireless” tab.
  • In the Name (SSID) field, type your new Username.
  • In the “Password (Network Key)” fields, type your new password.(Here users can set up new password or change default password) Hit on “Apply.
  • Hit on “Apply.
  • Now your password has setup/changed successfully.
  • To get more guidance & help for other issues, connect with technical support experts.

Netgear Router Customer Service Number

Through dialling the Netgear Router customer service number,users could expect solution for different issues that would either related to the slow internet speed,password reset including the configuration or setup.The technique that is used to solve each and every problem would be remote access technique.Through the use of this technique the problem would get detected easily and also get solved.

Netgear Router Technical Support Phone Number

The other way through which the users could avail assistance from the Netgear router technical support number is the online text guides and tutorials.These are the convenient way to getting the instant solution where the users need not pay any single penny.Through following these guides, users would get the simple steps that could be applied to solving the specific issue

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