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In this technological world, a lots of email service providers are active in the market and Outlook is one of them. Outlook is used by the billions of users around the world for its mind-blowing features. Users can access Outlook on Windows, Android and iOS devices. Sometimes users face many technical difficulties while using the Outlook email account. In such types of conditions, users have to be required to contact with Outlook technical support team for better help on various types of technical issues.

Most users may not have the technical acumen to troubleshoot the issues all by themselves and all of them must take help from the outlook customer support team. To the delight of users, the solution steps for all kind of issues do not take much time and involves a few easy to execute.

Following are some of the issues with Outlook which can be easily resolved by Outlook tech support

  • Outlook password recovery issues.
  • Outlook popup notification issue.
  • Files are not getting attached to the composed mail.
  • Users are unable to send or receive emails.
  • Users are getting too many spam mails in the inbox.
  • Users are unable to create Outlook account on ios and android devices.
  • Users facing issues while reseting or changing the Outlook account password.
  • There are issues while deleting the Outlook email account.
  • Issues regarding the pop and imap settings
  • Users are unable to create the Outlook account on their Android device.
  • File attachment issues (word files are not getting attached).

Outlook Customer Service

If users want to have more info on the above mentioned solutions, and for all the issues with Outlook account, then the surest possible way for users is to call at Outlook customer service without having any second thoughts. They have a team which is thoroughly professional and make use of a remote desktop to deliver their troubleshooting steps.

They have a team which comprises of certified technicians who make use of all tricks of the trade to come up with crystal clear solutions. The best part is that their troubleshooting steps are to comprehend as well as implement and users won’t require to don a technical hat to understand and implement them.All that users need to do is to either give them a phone call at outlook tech support phone number or make use of online forums to post their queries.

How to Change Outlook Password

  • The first and the foremost thing to do is to open Outlook and then select and then Account Settings.
  • To proceed further, users must click on Account Settings again.
  • Once this is done, users must highlight the account they want to change the password on.
  • In the next step, users must click on Change and then enter their new password in the Password field.
  • In the final step, user must click on Finish.

Outlook SMTP settings for iPhone!

  • If you want to set up SMTP settings on your iPhone, then apply the following steps:
  • First of all, open the Settings on your iPhone.
  • Now click on the Mail, Calendars, Contacts.
  • Now choose your Outlook account and enter following settings for SMTP server:
  • Server Address: smtp-mail.outlook.com

    Port: 587

    Authentication: Yes

    Encrypted Connection: TLS

  • After that, click the Done to complete the process.

How to set Outlook popup notification

Talking about the Outlook pop up notification, it is a notification that appears on users’ desktop when they receive a new email message, a meeting request, or a task request. It must be noted that the pop up alerts are turned on by default. But if they are turned off due to some reason, then users must know how to turn them on. Following are the steps on .

  • In the very first step, all users must click on File and then follow this route: Options > Mail.
  • Users must then choose or clear the Display a Desktop Alert check box, under the Message arrival.
  • If users want to change the transparency of Desktop Alerts or the amount of time they want them to be visible, then they must select Desktop Alert Settings.
  • It must be noted that the desktop Alert notifications do not appear when a user request a manual or during the initial synchronization of an email account.
  • It must also be noted that in case users are making use of message rules and a new message is moved out of the default account Inbox, then they a pop up Alert notification might not be displayed.

Outlook Technical Support Phone Number

If you are facing any technical errors during the process, then don’t worry about that and dial Outlook technical support phone number to get the better solutions from the Outlook customer care experts. These numbers are available at anytime .They have pioneers who know the nitty gritty of Outlook and never fail to come up with seamless solutions via their remote assistance. Users can make use of their Online Contact form and to post their queries.

How can users resolve genuine issues with Outlook customer service number?

Outlook is one platform which supports multiple email accounts. Users can easily link their email id with Outlook to send emails. But every once in a while, a technical glitch may sprout and cause trouble to users. To get rid of all such users, they must take help from the technical support team of Outlook. To the delight of users, the solutions for all such issues are very easy and involves a few easy to implement steps which users can easily learn by calling their Outlook customer service phone number.

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