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All products of Samsung are really amazing in use as it has all the new and improved in built features so that the users can get the best for their utilization. On the other hand Samsung company has also come up with the Samsung printer customer service for the users so that if they face any issue in the working of their Samsung printers then they can simply contact the customer representatives and can get best solutions for each and every issues related to it.

Install Samsung printers to MAC Devices with these mentioned steps !!

Besides, if the users have MAC devices and they want to install the Samsung printers on their MAC devices then they just need to follow the steps that are mentioned below. The installation steps for this is to be followed very carefully so that the installation is done in the best way and further, the users don’t face any problem in utilizing the printers.

So, below mentioned are the steps to install Samsung printers on MAC Devices :

  • First of all the users need to connect the first part of the USB cable to the back of the Samsung printer.
  • The second part of the cable should be connected with the MAC device.
  • Once the USB cable is connected with the two ends the users need to open the wireless set up of the printer by going to the wireless setting application on the MAC device.
  • The users then are required to run the wireless setting application.
  • By doing this the users will get the installation screen on their MAC Devices.
  • After this the users need to select on start set up option.
  • The users also need to make sure that the Samsung printer is on and the USB is properly connected to the MAC.
  • Users then are required to select on the wireless set up process and should follow the onscreen process.
  • The installation wizard will look for all the connected devices and will get the wireless information.
  • Users are supposed to select on the advanced settings so that they can enter the wireless network details.
  • All the network details should be entered in the required spaces.
  • By doing this the printer will try to get connected with the selected wireless network.
  • Select the preferred wireless connection and lastly go to the print and scan system preference.

Samsung Printer Customer Service Phone Number

Therefore, these are the steps that will enable the users to connect the Samsung printer to MAC. For the users can also contact the Samsung printer customer service number by calling on the Samsung printer customer service phone number.

How to Setup Samsung Printer Wireless

Now following is the method for how to setup samsung printer wireless

  • First make sure that the system and the printer model, both should support wireless communication.
  • Insert the printer configuration CD.
  • Run the setup.exe file.
  • Check the check box to agree the printer agreements.
  • On the next screen, select the wireless network connection.
  • On the next page, select Yes if user is configuring the printer first time.
  • Under the Select the Wireless Set up Method, check the radio button for "Using Direct Wireless Connection. ".
  • On the next screen, click on WPS button.
  • After wireless connection set up completed, again click Next.
  • Follow the on screen instructions.

Samsung Printer Technical Support Phone Number

For any technical query the users can simply contact the Samsung Printer technical support phone number by dialling the samsung printer technical support number and can get the help from the technicians. The technicians are trained employees who will give the best answers to each and every questions of the users.

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